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The Institute for Guided Studies provided full Montessori Teacher Preparation, Supervision, Consultation, Staff Development, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, and Parent/Community orientations - all designed to meet your specific educational needs.


The Institute for Guided Studies, or IGS, was founded by Dr. Sheryl M. Sweet in 1992, and is now led by Mary Helen Cline. IGS provides Montessori programs and support services to Educators, School Administrators, and parents, for the purpose of helping them transform themselves, their families, their classrooms, and their schools - all focused to better serve the children in their care.


All services provided by IGS demonstrate peaceful, fair practices without regard to race, disability, religion, sex, age, and national or ethnic origin.


IGS believes in the value of in person training.  Building relationships - face to face - helps us keep "people first".

Our Values

The Montessori Approach to Life - We strive to authentically represent the Montessori philosophy in our professional and personal life.

Individuality - We recognize that individuals and organizations develop at their own pace, in their own way, and that all possess an infinite potential for growth, learning and progress.

Spirituality - We believe and nurture the goodness of the human spirit.

Integrity - We foster personal and professional relationships grounded in the principle of inclusion and honest and ethical conduct.

Respect - We accept the differences of others.

Compassion - We care for those we serve.

Loyalty - We honor the trust of those we serve.

Cooperation - We help foster peace and understanding through harmony, open communication, and cooperative learning.

Accountability - We strive to practice our principles and uphold our agreements.

Commitments - We aspire to build long-standing relationships in support of individual and organizational growth and excellence.

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