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Applications and Student Information

Application process

We regret to inform you that IGS is no longer accepting applications.



Minimum Requirements for Admissions:

  • Minimum age of 18 with personal qualifications that tend to make a student worthy of emulation.

  • The ability and desire to work effectively with children and their parents.

  • A high school diploma or equivalent, although a college degree is preferred. Elementary and adolescent training candidates must hold a 4 year college degree to obtain a lead teacher credential. Additionally Adolescent applicants must have a teaching credential at the secondary teaching credentials or 24 college credit hours in a field of study.

  • Demonstration of correct usage of Standard English through a written philosophy of education and a personal interview.


IGS Enrollment Package Requirements:

  • Completed Application form  

  • For Foundations Course 201/Paraprofessional Course ONLY use Foundations/Paraprofessional ONLY Application

  • For MTI administered program in Athens, Georgia: Adolescent Application Form

  • Appropriate payment contract.

  • A high school diploma or equivalent.transcript

  • Code of Ethics (Please print and sign)

Additionally, Full Program Students should also include:

  • A resume, including two personal and two professional references.

  • Any relevant Certifications.

  • Documentation of any previous Montessori experience or training.

  • Written philosophy of Education (on the application or as a separate document).

  • A brief personal sketch.

  • Application fee.

  • A statement of health from a health care provider  (IGS form)

Consolidated Tuition fees for IGS managed programs.

Tuition fees are inclusive of Manuals, Field Supervisions, and Testing!


Travel and Lodging Expenses for Field Supervisions and Testing are additional and are billed to the students after service is rendered and are shared with other students and the program when applicable. 


Students have personal expenses directly related to their teacher-made materials and manual construction, and must purchase required textbooks.


MEPI certification fee is paid to MEPI at the time of application for certification.

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