National Sites

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Montessori School of Camden
2 Montessori Way
Camden, SC 29020 

The Elizabeth Academy

2870 S Connor Street (2100 E.)

Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Montessori at Sandy Ford

2931 Sandy Ford Rd.

Newton, NC  28658

Active programs, levels, and locations vary from year to year. Please call or e-mail for current information regarding program levels, schedules, and MACTE accreditation status and available levels for active locations.

Note for North Carolina

General Disclaimer for North Carolina Community College Regulations:


The Institute for Guided Studies offers its Programs in many locations.  This website and our course catalog lists them all, including those not yet authorized in the State of North Carolina.  The Elementary I (6-9) and the Early Childhood Programs are the only programs authorized in NC at this time.