Teacher Preparation

Teacher Preparation


   IGS offers a diverse list of teacher preparation programs. These programs are mobile and can be taught in most locations with enough advance notice to adequately prepare. For example, the host school and teacher preparation program must be licensed by local and state authorities. A fully prepared environment, complete with a complement of basic Montessori materials is necessary for teacher preparation instruction. A minimum number of participants are required for a program to be offered at a host site. Our staff members (IGS Montessori Associates) are experienced, flexible, and hold numerous degrees and accolades. They are located throughout the United States and internationally.

   The curriculum is a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences and activities that culminate in a Certificate for Program Guide in; Infant and Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Adolescent, or School Administrator. The overall objective of all these programs is to guide adults, as they become dedicated Montessorians. Preparing them to give children the "Aid to Living" which Maria Montessori believed to be their greatest need. The course descriptions have been individually prepared by the Program Directors and compiled by the IGS Staff.
   The Program Directors and Instructors will establish supportive relationships between faculty members and the students in order to ensure the greatest personal growth possible for each student.

Programs of Study for the Montessori Classroom Director

MEPI Certified and MACTE Accredited Programs (See additional information at About IGS/Accreditation)


Program Directors 

Infant and Toddler

(0 - 3 years)

Ms. Maria Varela

Early Childhood

(2 1/2 - 6 years)

Ms. Maria Varela

Ms. Mary Helen Cline

Ms. Teresa Noble

Ms. Karen Mangham 

Elementary I

(6 - 9 years)

Mary Helen Cline 

Elementary I-II

(6 - 12 years)

Mary Helen Cline


(12 - 15 years)

Ms. Melody Mosby 

 Program of Study for the Montessori School Administrator

(MEPI Certified; Not MACTE Accredited)

Program Director

Dr. John Moncure